Reliving the classics from a groovier era

Reliving the classics from a groovier era

STIGUE NEL, trumpeter on the upcoming tribute extravaganza ‘Boogie Wonderland: A 70’s & 80’s Party’ at the CTICC from Friday to Sunday, December 14 to 16, spoke to THE NEXT 48 HOURS about what music fans should be jazzed about with the production.

Tell us about ‘Boogie Wonderland’. What can audiences look forward to with the show?
I am aware that the show, Boogie Wonderland, implores the audience to dress-up in a 1980s disco theme and in this manner transport themselves back to the eighties with the backdrop of a variety of solo performances accompanied by a five piece show band.

Tribute shows are made or broken by their set lists. What can you tell us about the music that has been selected?
All the greatest hits have been plucked out of the eighties disco era and medley upon medley of the formidable artists of this time are passionately performed and tributed to them by our solo performing artists.

What songs have you particularly been enjoying in rehearsals?
Michael Jackson was a musical genius and it’s a pleasure performing his greatest hits along with Earth, Wind & Fire and Gladys Knight’s live medley.

Tribute shows sometimes get a bad rap from certain quarters of the critical establishment for not being original expressions of creativity. Do you think this is fair?
The audience will recognise the songs by the recordings and live performances, which they have heard many times on the radio or seen on video recordings. So I feel it is only fair to give the audience an authentic performance. However, parts of the show are arranged by Kyle Petersen, which reflects expression and creativity.

Tell us about the singers and the rest of the band. How is everyone gelling in rehearsals?
The entire cast of this show display professionalism and experience in the rehearsal room, which gives me confidence that the show will be a great success.

What makes ‘Boogie Wonderland’ ultimately different to tribute fair that has come before it?
‘Boogie Wonderland’ pays tribute to more than just an artist, but a generation of performing artists with the underlying theme of the eighties disco era.

What has it been like working with Rafiek Mammon, Gary Naidoo and Kyle Petersen?
Rafiek Mammon is a well organised, free-thinking individual that plans ahead and implements his plan accordingly to insure success. Gary Naidoo is charismatic and friendly, which makes for a pleasurable working environment.
Kyle Petersen uses his creativity to express solidity in the show’s music. The arrangement of the music is cohesive, which helps the flow of the show from one song to the next.

* Performances will take place on Friday December 14 at 9pm, Saturday December 15 at 1pm, 5pm and 9pm and Sunday December 16 at 4pm and 8pm. The Friday, Saturday and Sunday night shows are already sold out. Book for the matinee performances at Computicket.