My CiTi changing the lives of city travellers

My CiTi changing the lives of city travellers

Tatjana’s challenge
Tatjana Meirelles set herself a challenge – to leave her car at home for a whole week.
Tatjana lives in central Cape Town, where she works as a creative researcher for a TV company. On most days during the week of her challenge, she cycled to work. When it was windy, she used the MyCiTi bus. She also caught the bus to go shopping at the Waterfront and to watch the fireworks at Blouberg Beach on Guy Fawkes evening.

Delighted at how easy it all was, she wrote a letter to the MyCiTi team.
“I would just like to say THANK YOU for all the time and effort that MyCiTi and the City of Cape Town have put into making this transport service a reality,” she wrote. “The buses were clean, comfortable and on time – and absolute pleasure to use. The staff were friendly and helpful and the information was easy and clear to read.

“I have put up images of my experience on my blog and I will be actively encouraging friends and family to use the service.”
Follow Tatjana’s example – leave your car at home and hop onto the MyCiTi bus. This will become increasingly easy as the MyCiTi service expands and improves in several steps in the coming months – starting on December 1.

The following changes will be introduced on December 1 in the central city:
A new service will begin to Walmer Estate, Upper Woodstock and Salt River
New, smaller buses, well suited to residential streets, will begin operating
The airport service will be extended to the Waterfront, providing greater access from the CBD to the airport
The trip from Gardens to the Waterfront will require a transfer at Civic Centre station
The Gardens station will open

The word on the bus:

Andiswa Mdleleni (Call centre agent)
“I use MyCiTi to commute from Parklands to Gardens and I like it. The trains are sometimes overloaded or late, but the bus is always on time.”

Elizabeth and Mashita Mmotlana (Tourists from Gauteng)
“We took the bus from Big Bay to Table View and the Waterfront. So we’ve seen half of Cape Town in one trip.”

Corinna Martinella (Office Assistant)
“I’m from Switzerland and I love it…it’s saved me from having to buy a second car. I use it to pick up my children from school sometimes.”

Alex Matthews (Journalist)
“It’s very exciting. I live in town and I use it between work and my flat. It’s a lot less stressful and I can sit and read my book or work.”

* Find out more about the service on or phone the toll-free Transport Information Centre on 0800 65-64-63.