Gadget Buddies: Go, go gadgets (and C.O.D.)!

Gadget Buddies: Go, go gadgets (and C.O.D.)!

By Imran Khan

Where’s the gadgets?

Over the past few weeks we have been covering plenty of gaming. It has been an exciting part of this year with so many great gaming titles being released. What has been even more awesome was attending these game launches. However this week we are going to review some gadgets we found from a local supplier. Electromann South Africa has been around since 2008, selling mostly general electrical machinery. From battery powered lawnmowers and power generators, they do it all.
The following are some gadgets that we picked out from their catalog that will be cool to fill those Christmas stockings with.

5000mAh Portable Charger
This handy little gadget is for all you mobile device fundis. It’s a portable emergency power supply that fits in your pocket, just like a cellphone. The unit plugs straight into any computer USB plug to charge. To use the power stored in the device, all the user has to do is plug in one of the matching device adapters supplied into their portable device. What is really impressive is that this little unit stores 5000 milli-amp- hours of power, offering you plenty of extended time on tablets and phones.

Android 4.0 TV+PC Box
This piece of kit is quite impressive. We all know that smart televisions are still quite pricey in South Africa. However, there is no need to wait any longer with this nifty gadget. This unit turns your regular TV into a smart TV. You can watch high definition movies (1080P playback), browse the internet, skype and play games, all while running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Being an Android device it gives the user access to thousands of applications and favorite games like Angry Birds.
The device connects to your home wifi connection or via Ethernet cable. There is only 2 gigabytes of memory built in, but support for 3.5 inch disc drives is available and can go up to 2 terabytes.
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Game Launch: ‘Call Of Duty: Black ops 2’

And…back to games. The Gadget Buddies recently attended the official release party for ‘Call Of Duty: Black ops 2’. It was an evening filled with hardcore C.O.D fans and more. ‘Call Of Duty’ has always been one of my favourite first person shooter games, due to its precision and realism. With the latest game, Activision has not disappointed. From graphics to sound and game intelligence, ‘Call Of Duty’ has really won me over.

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