Health and Beauty: Stay and feel young

Health and Beauty: Stay and feel young

By RoxyK

There are many tips for staying young and having healthy looking skin. Apart from all the creams, foundations and skin formulas out there, the best way to become ageless is obviously the natural way.
Your first go-to in the morning should be a glass of hot water with fresh lemon juice, which will keep your system cleansed and your skin clear. Green tea has more age-defying antioxidants, so a cup or two throughout the day is also excellent.

Getting rid of sugar from your diet will not only prevent the skin from aging prematurely, but will also stop the loss of proteins needed to keep the skin looking younger. A protein shake after your 30 minute morning exercise will give you added energy for the day. Up your intake of essential fatty acids like omega 3 concentrate – this gives the skin a plumper, healthier look. Bring back good foods into your diet like the avocado pear, which is loaded with vitamin E and protein.

The best way to still your brain, body and soul is exercise deep breathing. Inhale and hold for five counts and exhale slowly – this will keep you stress free and focused. To have good posture, stand straight up with your shoulders relaxed. Head stands are also good for the face and to stimulate the scalp. The easiest way for this exercise is to sit on a chair and put your head between your legs and hold for five minutes. This increases the flow of blood to the head in order to provide nutrients to the hair cell follicles.

Sleep yourself younger by having a good night-time pattern of at least eight hours of sleep. A good bath with essential oils helps the mind and body relax to enhance a well rested sleep. A candle burner with citronella oils in your room also helps relax the mind.
Try sleeping on a silk pillow case, which prevents early morning wrinkles. The more you take care of yourself, the younger you will feel. Making good life choices that make you feel happy will make you feel brave, vibrant and full of energy. Learn from your thoughts and actions to build courage and confidence, because learning something new every day makes you feel young and healthy.