Acclaimed French murder game comes to Johannesburg

Acclaimed French murder game comes to Johannesburg

Playing at being a policeman while learning about archaeology sounds like an unusual combination. But it has drawn crowds in France and has now come to Johannesburg.
The “game” is based on a real death – but was it a ritual murder or a crime? This is what participants will be attempting to solve.

Some 7400 years ago the mysterious deaths occurred in Brittany in France. Two bodies were found that had been buried in circumstances that looked as if they had been killed. They were taken to the Toulouse Natural History Museum where the general public was engaged in an investigation, as part of the exhibition, to try and solve the question. The members of the public who participated were equipped with a set of modern archaeological tools from five investigation fields. With some guidance they then set about solving the riddle.

This acclaimed “game” entertains, informs and educates and can be played in the Origins Centre, Johannesburg until November 30.
Called ‘Prehistory – The Investigation’, the event is part of the French Season in South Africa 2012 – an initiative which aims at strengthening relations between France and South Africa and creates an atmosphere in which each nation supports the other from a cultural, commercial and social perspective.

The South African leg of the country-to-country collaboration started mid-year and ends in the next weeks while South Africa takes to France in May next year.

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