Marvin urges MyCiTi passengers to tap out

Marvin urges MyCiTi passengers to tap out

Marvin the MyCiTi mascot urges all MyCiTi passengers to tap out of the service from 1 December 2012.

“It’s quick and easy – the same idea as hanging up at the end of a phone call,” Marvin said. “Only, instead of measuring time spent chatting on the phone, tapping out tells us the distance you’ve travelled with us on MyCiTi.”

Currently, passengers must tap their myconnect cards against a validator as they board a MyCiTi bus or enter a station. From December, there will be two validators on every bus and on the access gates at stations. One validator will be marked IN, and the other one OUT.

Tapping out is the next step towards the full distance-based fare system, which will be introduced next year. The OUT validator will light up green when the fare has gone through.

“Look out for our special ambassadors on the buses when the service is introduced,” Marvin said. “They will help you to ensure you’re tapping out properly.”

Those who fail to tap in and out correctly, or who do not have enough funds on their myconnect cards for the trip, will be charged a penalty fare of R16 (R65 on the airport route). This is because the system cannot work out the correct fare to be charged, if the correct distance is not registered.

In all other respects, MyCiTi fares will remain the same. Area trips remain free when used in conjunction with the main route between Cape Town and Table View.

“Please remember to tap off from December onwards,” Marvin said. “Let’s all make it automatic when leaving the bus.”

Tapping off is being introduced as a pilot project, to test the distance-based functionality of the system. The City of Cape Town reserves the right to revert to the current, single-tap system if necessary, to make corrections to the system. In this case, passengers will be notified through notices posted at stations, and fares will be charged in the same way as is currently the case.