Gadget Buddies: SA gamers take it to the next level

Gadget Buddies: SA gamers take it to the next level

By Imran Khan

‘Need for Speed Most Wanted’ launch
The gadget buddies team recently attended the launch of the new ‘Need for Speed Most Wanted’ game at the Newlands cricket stadium. What an evening of gaming and fun it was, courtesy of 2upGamers, Musica, Electronic Arts and MWEB.

2upGamers, a Cape Town based gaming club celebrated their anniversary on November 2 and as part of the evening, the latest offering from Electronic Arts and Criterion games was officially launched. There was plenty of fun to be had with the clubs usual activities also taking place on the evening.

Gadget Buddy Abdul

After the speeches and official handover from Electronic Arts, mayhem was unleashed. Good mayhem. We had PlayStation 3’s and Xbox 360’s setup to play the latest game. There were two challenges for the evening.

The first was a single sprint race where the player raced for the shortest time, the lowest time being “1:06:56”. The winner of this contest took home a PlayStation 3 console plus an official copy of ‘Need for Speed Most Wanted’. We also had a real world local stunt car driver at the event that has done driving scenes and stunts for numerous games and movies.

This brought us to the next challenge set for the evening. The aim was to race against the stunt driver and win. With his cat like reflexes and off the chart coordination skills it was a tall task, but there were many gamers that presented quite a challenge to the stunt driver. All entrants in this contest that won went home with various prizes from games to accessories and goodie bags.

Other activities on the evening included a ‘Street Fighter’ battle. Gamers took to the consoles and chose their favorite fighters to battle it out. The winner went home with an official ‘Street Fighter’ retro arcade style gamepad.

We also got a chance to see some local gaming development talent on the evening. Oh yes, South Africa makes games to. Celestial games launched their new HD version of ‘Toxic Bunny’ – A retro style gaming experience with the real challenges of the games of old. It brings back the memory of games that taught you real skills and coordination.

Being with the 2upGamers club for the evening was quite awesome. They promote good clean fun and fair gaming. Every event or meeting is well attended and organizers focus on creating a positive environment for enjoying and sharing gaming experiences. Thumbs up to a great launch!

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