‘Special Thanks to Guests from Afar’ at Artscape

‘Special Thanks to Guests from Afar’ at Artscape

The fourth play in Artscape’s 8th annual Spring Drama Festival, ‘Special Thanks to Guests from Afar’, written by the award winning playwright Nicholas Spagnoletti and directed by Matthew Wild, will show at the Artscape Arena from November 8 to 24.

In the play, two South African friends who haven’t seen each other in years are reunited at a wedding in a small resort town on the Baltic coast in the former East Germany. Luke is a gay Economics professor from UCT; Thabisa is a Zürich-based banking executive and the daughter of a struggle hero. They arrive a day early by mistake and meet the attractive, sexually ambiguous brother of the groom, Markus, a German physiotherapist who takes regular assignments abroad with Médecins Sans Frontières. Over the weekend the three chat, grumble, get drunk, fight, tickle, laugh and wonder about their strange ways in life, intimacy and friendship. The play is for anyone who has ever felt like an extra-terrestrial on the edge of a wedding.

‘Special Thanks to Guests from Afar’ features actors Nicholas Dallas, Chi Mhende and Gideon Lombard.

The Artscape Spring Drama Season began on September 13 with Amy Jephta’s ‘Other Peoples Lives’, followed by Louis Viljoen’s ‘Champ’.


* Tickets are R85. Book at Computicket.