Living loud with Liezel: An Epic Night Out

Living loud with Liezel: An Epic Night Out
Liezel van der Westhuizen

By Liezel van der Westhuizen

Last week Grand West Casino invited a group of bloggers, comedians, Television and Radio presenters to an epic night out. I went along with 5FM’s Jennifer Su to find out more what this evening was all about.
We were joined by comedians Paul Snodgrass, Angel and Siv Ngesi, as well as bloggers Craig Stack, Barry Hayman, Dylan Savage and Barry Dylan.
As Jennifer and I both had to be at work at 4am the next morning to present on SABC3’s breakfast show, we decided we’d view all the action from the sidelines and act as cheerleaders for our fellow guests.

So what did the evening entail? We were spoilt with an amazing dinner and were hosted by the team from Grand West. After that everyone went along to be taught the art of roulette or poker with a packet of fake chips (no, not the chips you buy at the corner café, but rather gambling chips). As Jen and I aren’t gambling types, we gave our chips away to our fellow guests and watched from the side as the group were being taught different ways to play with “play-play” money

So why host an evening like this? It wasn’t just for us; it is for everyone looking for an epic night out, and it’s all on offer at Grand West where there are adventures to be had, people to meet and thrills to seek. So how does Grand West Epic Night out work?
On Facebook you can create and book your own personalised gaming experience at GrandWest for you and your friends. You then choose the date, the game and the dress code. You’ll receive personalised Facebook invites, a welcome drink on arrival and expert tuition in poker, roulette or blackjack.

What’s more, every Epic Game Night crew gets entered into the draw to win one of six Ultimate Epic Game Night experiences worth R25000 which includes luxury transport, VIP treatment overnight at the Grand Hotel, dinner and drinks to the value of R2000, R100 in non-negotiable table chips for each member of your crew and Roxy Revue Bar tickets (subject to availability).
The Epic Game Night at GrandWest is a night to let rip and forget mundane workaday things and just have fun with friends.