Health and Beauty: Feel glamorous

Health and Beauty: Feel glamorous

By RoxyK

What makes you feel glamorous? Buying an expensive item or spending a fortune on a holiday does not make a person glamorous. It’s enhancing your inner beauty with a combination of natural power and energy. Make-up, smart clothes and accessories does not a glamorous person make.

To me confidence, being positive and having a strong will makes me feel glamorous. To be able to face every day with ease and calmness all bring about happiness from within.
I have also learnt to accept my shape and not try to have a thin, skinny looking figure. Being that thin must be a painful job on its own because when those canapés come around, I would rather happily indulge while the skinnies bite their lips and let the trays pass.

Understanding the right outfit that suits you can really give you that silhouetted look. Wear clothes for the shape of your body and not what everyone else is wearing. Expensive items certainly do not make you look better; a simple cotton top for example worn elegantly would give you a better, more comfortable feel. It is the way you feel that is important.
Getting older is all about being wiser, becoming more aware of your health and following an exercise routine. The natural process that changes your body should make a person feel beautiful from within and out.

Celebrate your aging process, your body and your shape instead of focusing too much on being someone or something you are not; it’s just added pressure. Marking your achievements and rewarding yourself builds self-esteem.
A little pat on the back every now and again also raises your confidence and inspires you to do more. Investing too much time thinking of the future creates anxiety and stress. Reflect and learn from the present, activate the brain and become more positive.

So, to me being glamorous is the way I feel today and every day that I wake up.
I make my day exciting, challenging and find a way to learn a little bit more. It could be from either giving advice to my children or celebrating with a friend. Hard work, achievement, celebration and gratitude make me feel GLAMOROUS.