Fooding around with Jenny Morris: A quickie with Jamie Oliver

Fooding around with Jenny Morris: A quickie with Jamie Oliver
Jenny Morris

Fooding Around with Jenny Morris

He just goes on and on and on, always fresh, always happy and I just adore him. Jamie Oliver deserves every bit of success – he has really earned it. I love that he still appears to be humble and nice and kind and caring.

Following the record breaking success of ‘30-Minute Meals’, Britain’s most-popular cookbook of all time, Jamie brings us the even-better ‘15-Minute Meals’. I am gob smacked at just how many quarter hour meals there are in this beautiful book. The man really is a food wizard!

This book is completely devoted to what most of us are asking for these days – super quick, tasty, nutritious food that you can eat every day of the week. Jayme, being a dad of many little ones, knows that nutrition is important.  In creating these recipes Jamie’s made sure they are methodical, clever, sociable, fun, resulting in beautiful food full of big flavours. It’s a classic book that will arm you with the skills to create wonderful meals, shockingly fast.

He’s taken inspiration from all over the world, embracing the tastes that we all love, playing on classic chicken, steak and pasta dishes, looking at Asian-inspired street food and brilliant Moroccan flavours, putting together great salads and so much more. And these are some of the quickest and easiest meals Jamie’s ever done.
These recipes have been tested and tested to ensure that this book is a reliable companion for you and your family.

The reviews have been suitably glowing:
“Simply brilliant cooking, and Jamie’s recipes are a joy” – Nigel Slater
“Jamie should be given the Victoria Cross” – The Times
Jamie Oliver’s previous books include ‘The Naked Chef’, ‘The Return of the Naked Chef’, ‘Happy Days with the Naked Chef’, ‘Jamie’s Kitchen’, ‘Jamie’s Dinners’, ‘Jamie’s Italy’, ‘Cook with Jamie’, ‘Jamie at Home’, ‘Jamie’s Ministry of Food’, ‘Jamie Does’, ‘30-Minute Meals’ and ‘Jamie’s Great Britain’. Try naming them all in one breath.