Sanbona is a jewel on Route 62

Sanbona is a jewel on Route 62

By Naushad Khan

I mentioned a few months ago that country 5-star properties have the luxury of space, so one will find that the rooms and leisure spaces are bigger than most city counterparts. My visit to Sanbona Wild Life Reserve in the Klein Karoo made me do some simple calculations around this and this is what I concluded.

The 5-star Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is 54000 hectares in size (about the size of Singapore I am told) and accommodates 54 guests in 3 luxury lodges. This equates to a staggering 1000 hectares per guest. I certainly used all of my 1000 hectares while I was there.

The Western Cape has so much to offer any visitor and a mere half hour drive will give you different landscapes with people and foods to match. My drive to Sanbona, which is on the internationally acclaimed Route 62, was just under three hours from Cape Town with a breakfast stop in Roberston. This is such a popular route that the coffee shop in Robertson filled up within minutes of opening its doors. And what a welcome stop it was with a perfectly blazing fire on a cold Sunday morning.

Sanbona Wildlife Reserve offers a choice three of luxury lodges – Dwyka Tented Lodge, the historical Tilney Manor and the family friendly Gondwana Lodge. Our accommodation was in Tilney Manor, which offers six superbly appointed luxury suites, a Spa and outdoor pool, and comfortable and relaxing lounges.

With our very own chef at the lodge, our taste buds were taken on its very own culinary journey that could quite easily fill up another entire article. With guests staying on an all meals and local beverages included package, expect fresh produce, cheeses and gourmet dinners during your stay.

The 5-star Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, part of Shamwari Group, is offering guests 50% off standard rates at all three luxury over the Wildflower Season from August to September 2012.

During the Wildflower Season guests can enjoy an annual flora extravaganza when a kaleidoscope of lush wildflowers cover a vast area of the reserve. Five specific wildflowers have been noted, which include Bushman’s Poison Bulb (Boophane disticha), Babies Bottoms (Gibbaeum heathii), Wild Rosemary (Eriocephalus spp.), Butter Tree known as Botterboom (Tylecodon paniculatus) and the Karoo Boer Bean (Schotia afra).

Guests can also enjoy two unique biomes on Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, namely Fynbos biomes and Karoo, which are known as biodiversity hotpots and are the richest and most threatened reservoirs of plant and animal life on earth. Patches of flourishing sub-tropical thicket, rivers and floodplain habitats can also be seen on the reserve.

In order to take up the 50% off special, guests must book and pay within seven days, subject to availability. This special offer includes five star accommodation, all meals, selected beverages and two game drives per night booked. It does not include transfers or spa treatments.

* To book your five star safari during the Wildflower Season, call 041 509 3000 or send an email to