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Gadget Buddies

A new ‘Need For Speed’ on the horizon

By Imran Khan

The ‘Need For Speed’ gaming franchise has churned out some interesting titles over the years. From ‘Need for Speed Underground 1’ to ‘Pro-street’ and ‘Shift’, these titles have kept us on the edge of our seats with racing game action.

The first games focused on the modifications and upgrades that could be made to your car. ‘Need for Speed Underground 2’ did this amazingly and wins my title for Favourite ‘Need For Speed’ Game. It was interesting how we all chased to the end to build that green 350Z we started the game with, till the last vinyl. Not too long ago we saw ‘Need for Speed Run’ hit our gaming store shelves. Played it, clocked it, enjoyed it thoroughly, but now it’s time for a new challenge. That challenge may come in the form of the new ‘Need For Speed’, namely ‘Most Wanted!’

Yes, you read correctly. After winning 36 award nominations at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), including “Best Racing Game” and “Best multiplayer game”, it’s back, promising the same chase to the finish, to become the most wanted in the racing scene.

This game will be available in SA on November 2, but can be pre-ordered. Pre ordering will give you a few bonuses. Players who pre-order the game will receive a limited edition pack that includes some early unlocked cars, including the Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale as well as some early unlocked performance car packs-which includes a Caterham R500 and a Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG.
I can only imagine how cool the new game will be as Electronic Arts have handed over the bulk of the Development work to Criterion Games.

Now, Criterion, the UK based developer, has given us some good titles in the past, including the acclaimed first person shooter ‘BLACK’ and not forgetting the ‘Burnout’ range of games. They also developed ‘Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit’, which was really awesome.

The focus will be on multiplayer (online play) with the latest game, so most of the free bonuses are only available in multiplayer mode. It does beg the question however of whether buying the limited edition is going to be useful unless you are into online gaming.
All of this being said, it’s great to look forward to another ‘Need For Speed’ title.