Jenny carries the flag for SA on Food Network

Jenny carries the flag for SA on Food Network

PETER TROMP spoke to JENNY MORRIS about her debut on the Food Network with her new show ‘Jenny Cooks Morocco’.

How did your new Food Network show come about?
I was approached by Food Network in 2011 to be a fresh new face on the channel.

How did you decide on the Moroccan theme for the show?
I love Morocco; I love the food and the people and take people for food tours to Morocco.

As South Africa’s first addition to the global Food Network brand, do you feel any pressure or obligation to represent for your country of birth?
Whenever I do anything for anyone I feel the pressure, and this one is a big one. Eeeeeeek!

How did shooting go in Morocco? Did you guys encounter any logistical issues along the way?
It was a smooth run all the way, although getting to locations over steep, very narrow mountain passes sometimes freaked me out and only once would the police not accept our filming permit, but other than that it was smooth sailing.

What will your long-time fans discover about Jenny Morris the person and the cook on this show that they might not have known beforehand?
That I can cook anywhere.

What are some of your personal favourite Moroccan dishes that you will showcase on the programme?
I will be showcasing regional and seasonal produce and using the flavours of Morocco with a Jenny twist.

Would you describe yourself more of a salt tooth, mains kind of person, or a sweet tooth, desserty kind of person and what are a few of your all time favourite dishes?
I definitely am a savoury lady. I love to cook curries, be they Indian or Thai and I also enjoy cooking Chinese Food.

Is it still fun to cook at home for daily meals when you spend your working hours concocting so many lavish creations?
I love to cook for my family and always do. That is how I show I love them.

Which country do you intend to focus on for the follow up series?
Thailand and China and Portugal. Oh dear, I just want to taste the whole world!

* Tune in to Jenny on the Food Network on Channel 185 on Mondays at 8pm.

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