An artist in search of his muse turns to social media

An artist in search of his muse turns to social media

By Lauren Manuel

Elan Lea, the once aspiring soccer player turned jet-setting musician, popped in at Frieda’s on Bree Street recently to talk about his latest developments in the music industry, as well as the two campaigns he is currently running to promote his newest music (with an album on the horizon). In order to connect with as many of his fans as possible, Lea is using social media to bridge the gap that used to exist between artist and audience.

The Leading Lady Campaign is something that Lea thought of to find a leading lady to star in his next music video that will be released in America. “I am choosing a girl from South Africa, because I’m looking for a story from home,” Lea explains. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself on Facebook and tag Elan Lea in it. He says that it’s a cool way for him to interact with his fans and as an added bonus, there will be international exposure for the fan that wins.

The Pronounce My Name Game is the second campaign. Fans stand a chance to win R50000 just by uploading a video of themselves pronouncing Lea’s name correctly; in a creative way, of course. One of the people judging the entries will be well-known ‘Idols’ judge Randall Abrahams.

Lea describes his own music as clean-cut with a boy-band influence. His main influences, in terms of writing, are Eric Clapton, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Robbie Williams and the Bee Gees (especially his musical mentor, the late, Robin Gibb). “I admire their ability to paint a picture with words,” he says.

The topic then progressed to his latest album. ‘Conversations Over Time’ is his own album in every aspect. “This album is not just a representation of something that someone else wanted me to do,” he says passionately. It will be released in America soon and he is aiming to have it released in South Africa by the end of this year or early next year.
Lea adores his fans and says that he would love for them to come along on his musical journey with him. “I want my fans to love what I have to say,” he elaborates.

After the release of his first SAMA nominated single ‘Hold Me In Your Arms’ while he was still a teenager, his second single was ignored by radio stations throughout South Africa. This led to Lea constantly worrying about his next single not being as good as the previous one. It became a struggle and self-doubt slowly started creeping in, but he somehow managed to bounce back with confidence and produce music that he felt good about. When asked how he regained his confidence, he simply replies “When you have hit rock bottom there’s nowhere else to go.”
At the moment Lea has no gigs planned for Cape Town, but if you really want to see him perform he has a few shows lined up for Johannesburg.

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