Gadget Buddies

Gadget Buddies

See into the future with Google Goggles

By Imran Khan

iPad track down
Each day thousands of people have their precious technology devices stolen from them, the worst of them being the cell phone.
Not only is it a phone that the thieves take, but also the mass of contacts that are stored on your device, which is the real asset. However, thanks to new apps and backup software this is becoming a thing of the past.
On Friday June 29, a Cape Town man tracked down his iPad after a smash and grab. Like most law abiding citizens, Roy Henderson stopped on the side of the road to take a cell phone call, when two youths broke into his car and stole his iPad. Cleverly, Henderson had installed a tablet tracking application on his device.
He called his friend immediately who went onto the internet to start tracking the iPad. Thanks to the APP, they tracked the iPad to a nearby flat where they retrieved it. Luckily the thieves were nowhere to be seen.
Henderson suspected that they got scared when the device started to make alarm sounds and playing messages.

Google Goggles
Okay, not quite goggles; more like glasses. The Google company is designing and plans to release a consumer version of their electronic glasses that streams images and audio as well as execute computing tasks. Google Glass, as it will be known, is a stamp sized electronic screen mounted on the left eye of a standard pair of eye glass frames. It will be able to record video, access email and messages and retrieve information from the internet.
The glasses will weigh less than a regular pair of sunglasses and will be packed with technology that is usually found in a Smartphone. There has been no talk of it having a cellular network chip, but this would be quite useful…wink wink!
Be prepared to see this technology hit the tech market in two years time. Can’t wait.

Nexus Tablet:
Google has released its Nexus 7 tablet PC. The device sports a cool 1280×800 resolution display, a 1.3 gigahertz Nvidia Tegra quad core processor and a 12 core graphics processor. It will run the latest version of Android – “Jelly Bean”. The Nexus is wifi, Bluetooth and 3G capable, bringing it well within the standard of its competitors on the tablet pc market.
The Nexus 7 will start to ship out in mid July this year and all customers receive $25 credit to spend at the Google Play Store.

Android World Facts:
* Currently 400 million android devices are now in use.
* Google’s store contains 600000 applications.
* 1.5 Billion Apps are downloaded by users every day.
* The latest Android operating system is version 4.1, also known as Jelly Bean.