Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty

It’s all about the antioxidants

by RoxyK

There is a lot of talk these days about creams containing antioxidants. What are they and how does it affect the skin? Well antioxidants are molecules that counteract oxidative stress in the body. It is a natural part of the aging process and affects all living things. The body does however produce its own antioxidants, but as we age the body’s defence slows down and our skin starts to age. We can boost our antioxidant levels by exercising, eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Nuts, grains and following a good diet can also counteract oxidative stress.

Many specially formulated creams contain antioxidants that can help stressed, dull skin that is often caused by sun exposure, pollution, cigarette smoke and air conditioning.
Vitamin C can prevent and also repair aging in some systems. Firmer skin can be achieved by using creams with ascorbic acid, the best form of vitamin C. Make sure though that these formulas are packaged in an airtight container as they become less effective when exposed to the sun.
These can also be very expensive so the best way is to have moisturisers and serums that work for your skin type.

The sun is our worst enemy so wear a good sunscreen to protect your skin from wrinkles and age spots. Use a foundation with at least an SPF of 15. An alpha-hydroxy cleanser and lotion work well to fade age spots. Look out for moisturisers that are approved by a dermatologist or skin care expert. As much as we want to protect our face, never forget the hands and neck. These require the same treatment to counteract dry, dull looking skin.