Gadget Buddies

Gadget Buddies

Microsoft to enter the tablet market

By Imran Khan

Microsoft to Unveil Tablet:
We have all been exposed to the world of tablet computers, from humble palm sized smart phones to 10 inch displays that boast an array of applications. All of these options make browsing the internet the most special feature. What if I told you that one of the software giants of the world will be releasing a super tablet that will finally challenge the Apple Ipad? Yes, Microsoft is stepping up to the plate and will bring us a tablet PC that not only runs cool applications, but will run the latest Windows 8 operating system. This could be a good move for Microsoft, finally pushing the company into the hardware sphere of the technological universe. I’m quite looking forward to this one. This hasn’t been the first time for Microsoft to announce a product like this – let us not forget the “ZUNE” player, which was to rival the Ipod…We all know who won that one!

Motorola Xoom 2 in SA:
Motorola’s latest Android tablet PC is available in South Africa now. The latest Xoom runs the Android operating system, “Honeycomb” version 3.2. Processing power is provided by a 1.2 gigahertz processor and 1 gigabyte of RAM. Storage is quite decent with 16 gigabytes of internal memory. The true beauty comes in the form of a 1280 by 800 display with special Gorilla glass, sporting a revolutionary splash guard coating. The screen resolution is perfect for the 5 megapixel rear camera and a 1.3 megapixel front camera. All this sounds good and well, however what really caught my attention on Motorola’s latest tablet was the micro HDMI port. I haven’t seen this on a tablet PC yet. This allows seamless high definition streaming of audio and video to your PC, music system or smart television. The Xoom 2 is available on contract from most cellular phone operators.

Charging Stations:
Almost every gadget these days runs on a battery. And with that comes a charging unit that always seems to tangle itself when left in a draw unattended. Well, there is a solution to that and that is a Charging station. On this dock all the most popular charging plugs are arranged with just one plug leading to the mains supply, making your charging area tidier. BlueLounge is a company that currently makes a version of this unit and is available online and from most good computer shops. Their unit is really amazing, boasting compatibility with over 1839 devices.