Art Guide For Cape Town – 16 To 23 March 2012

Morning, Noon & Night

Driving around Cape Town during the month of December, you might have seen a lone figure sitting on the side of the road, with a broad-brimmed hat and an easel, painting furiously. If you had stopped to have a chat, you would have found out that Nick is an artist from the UK, who regularly comes to Cape Town to explore our beautiful city through paint. He has been known to set up his easel in decidedly odd places in order to capture the scene that has captured his attention – anywhere from a busy intersection to the roof of his car.

22 March – 5 April

Everard Read, 3 Portswood Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, Tel: (021) 418 4527


Ingekleur: Outside The Lines

‘Ingekleur’ translated from Afrikaans is ‘coloured in’, ‘coloured’ or ‘marked’. The term ‘Ingekleur’ refers to the imposed identity. The subtitle alludes to boundaries often transgressed by the people of this social/cultural group. It imbues the societal constructs that were put in place but at the same time speaks of rebellion. ‘Outside the lines’ alludes to identities that are not homogenous and static, but are shifting, contradictory, luminal and diffusive.

Until 4 April

The AVA Gallery in partnership with Spier, 35 Church St, Cape Town, Tel: (021) 424 7436


Iqholo le Afrika (Her African Pride) 

A Centenary Celebration of the Life and Work of Barbara Tyrrell.  This exhibition and re-evaluation of her work by curators Vusi Buthelezi and Yvonne Winters of the Campbell Collections at the University of KwaZulu – Natal, honours this veteran Durban-born artist and author. “Cape Town is her present home and at 100 she needs to be acknowledged while she is still with us,” stated curator, Vusi Buthelezi Through her vision and character, Tyrell is regarded as a heroine in certain rural Kwazulu-Natal communities.

16 March – 8 July

Iziko South African National Gallery, Tel: (021) 481 3800


Nuclear Disaster Stories by Jan Smith

Jan Smith documents remote and isolated modern-day ruins, constructs of nuclear disasters.  He sensitively focuses his lens on the catastrophic effects of nuclear disasters, and illustrates the improbability of life in these radioactive wastelands.

Until 17 March

Erdmann Contemporary & The Photographers Gallery, 63 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town, Tel: (021) 422 2762


Honey Thieves & Egg Eaters

Cape Town artist, Jop Kunneke’s latest collection delivers satirical social commentary, masked by his masterful depiction of creatures at the fringe of the animal kingdom. The quirky themes of ‘survival of the sneakiest’ and ‘adapt or die’ are presented through a narrative visual exploration of ‘pointed snouts, darting tongues and curving claws’.

11 March – 25 April

The Gallery, Grand Provence Heritage Wine Estate, Franschhoek, Tel: (021) 876 8630


Imperfect Librarian

Joanne Bloch, Jessica Brown, George Mahashe, Brenton Maart, Andrew Putter, Jon Whidden and Clare Butcher (curator) with the ARC (the visual university and its columbarium focus, University of Cape Town) present new body of works in progress, developed over the last year. The group enter into “the library” a set of unorthodox practices and materials which challenge the notion of archival practice.

Until 26 March

Michaelis Gallery, 31 – 37 Orange Street, Cape Town, Tel: (021) 480 7170


Smitten by Theo Paul Vorster

Art in the Forest presents Theo Paul Vorster’s ‘Smitten’.  Inspired by the month of love, this exhibition combines linocuts by famed artist Theo Paul Vorster and ceramics by Art in the Forest resident artist Madoda Fani showing symbolic meanings of love, sayings and quotes.
Until 31 March

ART in the FOREST, Cecilia Forest, Off Constantia Nek, Tel: (021) 794 0284


Siliva Zulu 

An exhibition of black and white photographs taken by controversial Italian anthropologist Lidio Cipriani (1892-1962).

Until 30 April 2012

Iziko Slave Lodge, Tel: (021) 481 3836