Watch mural artist Mak1One create a masterpiece

Watch mural artist Mak1One create a masterpiece

Visitors to Cavendish Square will be able to see internationally renowned mural artist, Mak1One create a mural artwork live in the Centre on Friday 9 March 2012 from 09h00 onwards.

Mak1One will be working on his mural measuring 1.5m by 6m on the Ground FLoor, near Truworths.  His artwork forms part of the Cavendish Square LIFTED project in association with Visi.

Said Cavendish Square Centre Manager, Brenda Bibby: “Cavendish Square is in the process of upgrading various escalators in the centre so that our shoppers can be “lifted” to their favourite shops on new and more energy-efficient escalators. This means that we have had to erect hoarding around some of the escalators to allow work to progress unhindered, behind the scenes. As a centre, Cavendish Square has always been at the forefront of green initiatives and so we decided to use this upgrade as an opportunity to showcase innovative green design installations, “lifting” our customers’ perceptions about recyclable waste, as well as how waste can be used to create art.”

Added Bibby: “We are excited to see how Mak1One, who has been commissioned by Visi magazine, will interpret the LIFTED theme.”

Said Adriaan Fuchs from Visi: “Mak1One was an obvious choice for creating an artwork for Visi, as part of the Cavendish Square LIFTED project.  He has been involved in mural art for over twenty years now, and having personally experienced the power of art to change lives, is committed to using his work to inform and challenge opinion, and to inspire people to pursue their dreams and talents. He is a self-taught artist and has worked extensively as a mural artist in South Africa and abroad, having collaborated on mural projects in Greece, Germany, Belgium and the US and presented two solo exhibitions in Cape Town and Johannesburg.   Mak1One is a serious and conscious artist with cutting edge concepts and ideas, and his art work will show the potential of mural art as an art form.”

The CAVENDISH SQUARE LIFTED project artwork, which includes innovative designs by Heath Nash,Mak1One, Keri Muller and Isabeau Joubert, with the support of around 160 local scholars, will be on display in the centre until mid May 2012.

To show appreciation to the centre’s loyal customers’ continued support, Cavendish Square is currently offering a parking promotion where shoppers pay a maximum of R10 per day for parking.