Living loud with Liezel

Living loud with Liezel
Liezel van der Westhuizen

By Liezel van der Westhuizen

Early this week I caught up with ex Radio and TV presenter, Jeremy Mansfield on his trip to Cape Town for the launch of Knorr’s new Stock Pot, which will make cooking an even easier experience. Jeremy now finds himself super busy cooking and travelling around the world with his wife Jacqui. They have scooped multiple Gourmaid awards in South Africa with the release of their first cookbook ‘Zhoozsh!’. I managed to pin him down for five quick fire questions


What is the meaning of the title of both your cook books ‘Zhoozsh!’?
It’s an adaption and contradiction of the word Jewish, and dates from the early 1900s when migrant workers would utilize the services of Jewish tailors in downtown Johannesburg to extend the life of their old clothes by repairing or smartening them.


What kitchen utensil can’t you live without?
Wooden spoons. I can’t live without my wooden spoons


Do you have a favourite recipe?
It changes, depending on the time of day and season. I do love stews. Maybe I should move to Cape Town. I love those cold rainy days where you can steam up the windows with stews.


Any plans to move to Cape Town?
Not at this stage, no. Two things that I don’t think I’d be able to handle, and I know one of them because I come from the Eastern Cape and that is wind, and I don’t think I can live through a Cape winter.
Cape Town is one of the most spectacular cities in the world, that’s why some many people from all around the world come here. We actually sailed out of here about three weeks ago on the Queen Mary II to Mauritius and just sailing out of Cape Town harbour is a spectacular site.


Where is your next travel destination?
If you know where this is, I will give you a million rand. I’m leaving later this month to Luhans’ka, a Ukrainian town on the Russian border, to do work with an NGO which is worldwide but based in Vienna called Four Paws. Last year we went into Lybia to assist at the zoo during the Libyan disaster relief.


* During the next few weeks popular cooking team Jeremy and Jacqui Mansfield will travel the country showing customers the versatility of the new Knorr product. You can also catch him cooking live on ‘Expresso’ on SABC 3 on the March 9.