Beatles catalogue gets thorough, no frills working through

Beatles catalogue gets thorough, no frills working through

SHOW: All You Need Is Love

DIRECTOR: Cedric Vandenschrik

CAST: Cedric Vandenschrik, Chad Zerf, Aldert Du Toit, Adam Coolsaet, Rob Nel, Tracy Johannes, Candice Skylark

VENUE: At the Roxy Revue Bar until March 17


I must have seen close to a dozen Beatles tribute shows in my time, all of them highly diverse, both in terms of conception and execution. There is no question that the Fab Four’s music remains popular, but sometimes I wonder whether we have become so overexposed to it in the modern era (the hugely hyped 2009 re-issues of the entire Beatles back catalogue and the simultaneous release of the popular video game ‘Beatles Rock Band’ cemented their relevance in the digital age) that the wow factor has abated somewhat.

To many of us the first moment we truly paid attention to their music and it resonated with us on a personal level is one that will never be forgotten. Overexposure, though, can water down the specialness of almost anything. It is the reason why so much of today’s music has become more like background noise. (The music biz of course is aware of that and have duly amped up the loudness of music in general so it almost literally becomes impossible to ignore.)

The tribute show “industry” has not been immune to what must be the tenth wave of Beatlemania by now. The fact that I have seen so many tribute shows of The Beatles is evidence, if any was needed, of the continued relevance of this most beloved of groups, but it has also led to a bit of Beatles Tribute Show Fatigue (BTSF, for short) on my part. ‘All You Need Is Love’ is serviceable and workmanlike and even quite charming at times, but there is an unmistakeable lack of a wow factor that is in tune with the tepidness of anything Beatles-esque these days.

That being said, it is not too overwhelming or overpowering so if you have grandparents who are fans of The Beatles, or parents that have an overabundance of hair dye in their bathroom cupboards and who like their entertainment not to be too raucous, this show should be right up their alley. It is quite relaxing and you will forget about your problems for an hour or too. I fear though that younger audiences will grow restless before too long and might not be able to resist the temptation to reconnect with their social media devices, probably while the show is on.

I have always enjoyed Cedric Vandenschrik on stage. He has an affable demeanour, a real professionalism about him and he seems to enjoy his music. He and his band perform the songs quite expertly at times; I just wish this show had a little bit more pizzazz.

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