Have your cake and eat it too!

Have your cake and eat it too!

Beautiful hot summers days, sipping tea and nibbling on a slice of homemade cake – these thoughts bring back wonderful memories of my Grandpa Cannon. He made an effort to have something light and sweet on the tea table every afternoon of his life. We had long afternoon teas under the shade of his huge lemon tree.

I loved to help him make up a batch of scones or crumpets and my best moments was when he would knock up a cake. I got to lick out the batter from the bowl and, better still, lick the left-over icing from the bowl. I would leave his house green in the face from all the rich icing, but always ready to go back for more. I think we should all take the time on a Sunday afternoon to have a Tea party with friends and family.  try some of these delicious treats and have them swooning at your table.

Let’s Bake!

Citrus Triangles

Makes 24 – 32

250 ml Bakers Nuttikrust Biscuits, made into fine crumbs

250 ml powdered milk

250 ml sugar

125 ml walnuts, chopped

10 ml vanilla essence

250 ml desiccated coconut

200 ml mixed citrus peel

250 ml melted margarine or butter

250 ml sifted icing sugar

50 ml warm water (about)

45 ml orange zest

45 ml lemon zest

Place the Bakers Nuttikrust crumbs in a large mixing bowl and add the powdered milk, sugar, walnuts, vanilla essence, coconut, mixed citrus peel and melted margarine or butter. Mix well then press the mixture into a 20 x 30 cm pie dish.

Mix the icing sugar with sufficient warm water to form a smooth paste, stir in the zest and spread over the top. Place in the fridge to chill before cutting into triangles.

PS: Mixed citrus peel is finely chopped candied orange and lemon peel, popular for adding to fruit cake mixtures. If you cannot find it, use finely chopped glacé fruit instead.


Chocolate Cappuccino Log

Serves 8 or more

1½ x 125 g packets of Bakers Boudoir Biscuits (about)

65 ml coffee liqueur or sweet black coffee

3 jumbo eggs, separated

65 ml castor sugar

45 ml coffee granules

300 g melted milk chocolate

200 ml melted butter

250 ml cream, stiffly beaten

100 g melted dark chocolate

whipped cream (extra)

Line a small loaf pan with cling film. Sprinkle the Bakers Boudoir Biscuits with the liqueur or coffee and arrange them, standing upright with the sugared sides facing outwards, around the inner rim of the loaf pan. Arrange a few biscuits in the bottom to form a base.

To make the filling, beat together the egg yolks, castor sugar and coffee granules until the sugar and coffee dissolve, then stir in the melted milk chocolate and butter. Lightly fold in the cream so it does not lose any if its volume. Beat the egg whites into stiff peaks and also fold in lightly. Pour mixture into the biscuit base and cover completely with cling film.

Chill overnight in the fridge or a couple of hours in the freezer then turn out and decorate with the melted dark chocolate and extra whipped cream.

PS: A chocolate lover’s dream this, to be served in happy, generous slices, the width of a Bakers Boudoir Biscuit. But don’t rush it: make it the day before. That will ensure that it sets well overnight.

Upside down caramelised mango cake



175g castor sugar

2 mangoes, chopped (out of season, substitute with canned mango, drained)


150g cake flour

2 teaspoon baking powder

175g butter, softened

175g castor sugar

4 tablespoons ground almonds

4 eggs, beaten

5ml vanilla essence


1 mango and passion fruit


Grease and flour a Bundt cake tin and line the base with baking powder. Alternatively a greased silicone cake mould works very well.

To make the caramel, place the sugar in a heavy-based saucepan, do not stir, allow to caramelise over medium heat very gently until deep golden brown. Pour immediately into the prepared tin.

Arrange the diced mango over the caramel. The fruit must almost cover the base of the tin.

Sift the flour and baking powder and place in a food processor.

Add the butter, sugar, almonds, eggs and vanilla. Process briefly until smooth and evenly blended, 1-2 minutes.

Spread the cake mixture over the fruit.

Bake at 160ºC until the top is golden and the sides of the cake have pulled away from the tin, about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Transfer to a cooling rack and leave to cool for a few minutes, before unmoulding.

Serving suggestion – dust with icing sugar and serve warm or at room temperature with crème fraiche.