Give us this day our daily plan

Give us this day our daily plan

It gets very hot in my flat – so hot, in fact that we have now decided to “look into” air conditioning. What that means is that for the next few days, weeks even, we would “look into” it – prices and different installers of this great bourgeois invention – one that I thoroughly enjoy, even if it means a higher electricity bill. And, should we get it, I shall consider cutting down on the use of the stove perhaps? Or, install a gas cooker or something. All I know is…it is hot! Unbearably hot sometimes. So much so, that earlier in week we decided to see ‘Midnight in Paris’ at the cinema because it was too hot in the flat – any excuse to get to an air-conditioned environment – from the car to the cinema.

And what a delight this film was! At first we were scheduled to see ‘The Help’ but it was only showing at 8.30pm on that evening, and since it was just on half seven, we opted for ‘Midnight’ instead. Now I want to own the film, and go to Paris again. The last time I was there must have been in 1991! Air-con for the flat or a trip to Paris? At this point, financially, it seems as though neither might become a reality but one never knows…fortuity has a strange way of creeping up on you when you least expect it…LOL!

But, dear reader, I was not going to talk about the heat, nor the fact that ‘Midnight in Paris’ is the enchantment it is; I was going to talk about “consideration” this week…

Here’s how it works with ‘Encore’ and me. I have a list in my diary of “things” I observed or heard or found interesting to explore for the column, and other times I ramble (a bit like now!). Or, sometimes, should the mood take me, I revisit and old idea and put a fresh spin on it.

We are currently working on a job for a big corporation that speaks to effective communication and that employees should be considerate and mindful of one another and their surroundings so as to minimise error. And as we brainstorm the ideas based on the training that our client has already done on this topic, we realise just how much the word consideration should mean something to us all…that it might be the cornerstone of our being, that it might, together with its twin sibling “compassion”, be core to what we do and how we do it.

Consider the word “consideration” for a second. It may be an overused word and a word most of us grew up with, entering our nomenclature at an early age but have we really “considered” the word carefully? Some of the first things we learn as toddlers in the family- and scholastic social structure are often related to consideration and compromise. But how many times have we really thought about its meaning or its true reference? Or is it just something we take for granted?

Backstabbing, selfishness and ruthless ambition are just too commonplace these days. I’d like to think that those of us who still have a real passion for life and an unarguable need to spread goodwill would appreciate the sentiments of the word “consideration”, which, alas has escaped many people’s lexis.

Cynicism aside – we know the evils of the past well enough. We know the destruction it can cause. Do we still have the right to treat our environment, one another and ourselves with even an inkling of disparagement?

I have always been a pragmatist and to the idealists I would usually say we need a plan. World peace is something only beauty pageants pretentiously promulgate. Pragmatism concerns itself with the day-to-day matters of how one conducts oneself. Anyone can shout global slogans and anyone can be the perfect backseat driver. And yes, the media still sensationalise and yes, we do things in the name of so-called progress.